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no job too small.

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our singing telegrams are the bee's knees!

Seriously, They're the cat's pajamas!

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or non-traditional



no problem!!!


...Hold the pickles,

hold the lettuce,

special requests

don't upset us!

With songs that are truly spiffy,

we'll brighten your day in a jiffy!

All singing telegrams include our performer appearing in the costume

or attire of your choice FREE OF CHARGE!



did you know that for

only a little more, you can add a custom bouquet of balloon flowers to any

singing telegram service?

its true! just ask our

awesome hero-staff!

Disclaimer: *we have never offered, and will never offer, any trademarked or copyrighted characters of any sort. We offer generic characters only. Any similarities to existing or copyrighted characters or materials are purely coincidental and not intentional.